Paranorml/Fantasy Romance

When It Raines, He Purrs

Raine Collins has moved beyond her troubling past, and she’s come out stronger. Throwing herself into teaching self-defense, she won’t let anyone control her life. At odds with her meddling Gran’s ghost, Raine agrees to meet with a matchmaker. Gran is determined to make sure Raine doesn’t end up alone with one last birthday gift.
Kian Walsh sent his abusive father to jail years ago, too bad the man didn’t stay behind bars. Knowing his dad is on parole has Kian’s instincts on high alert.  Kian’s built his life around controlling his cougar and the instinct that drives them. Now the overwhelming need to find a mate has him seeking out help.
Kian knows she’s the one, Raine thinks he’s full of crap. With the help of Gerri the matchmaker, maybe Raine and Kian can find love together.  Will Raine’s past stay dead and can Kian come to terms with his cougar?

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**A 2016 Amazon Best Seller**

THIS TITLE IS NO LONGER FOR SALE. I will be re-releasing Finding Bell with more content late 2018.

Once Upon a Time – The New Fairy Tales

Finding Bell – A Dark Fae’s Curse Novella

Annabella can’t remember anything before the last six years, and her dreams are telling her something. She just doesn’t know what. Desperate to find the missing pieces in her life, she heads to France, where a castle exists that matches the one in her dreams. Once there, she has to figure out if the mysterious place holds the key to unlocking the past she can’t remember.

Henri, once a powerful Fae prince, is locked within the home he built for a princess who can’t remember him. A rose blooms every hundred years, signifying the chance to break the curse placed on him and his Faerie Court. Something is changing, and the girl he loves has returned—but can he get her to love him again and free them all from the endless cycle?

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Once Upon A Time (The New Fairy Tales)


SpooktacularSeductions CoverSpooktacular Seducations Anthology – This title is no longer for sale.

Garden of Souls  by  Michelle Ziegler

Something, or someone, pulled Miranda to purchase the old carriage house.  It was a great deal, most likely because of the cemetery or the unexpected resident, Thomas. The ghost she finds within the sanctuary of her new home should have scared her. Instead she finds herself falling in love with him.

Now, a few days from Halloween, Thomas continues to push her to live her life.  He wants one night though; the one night of magic for the dead.  Torn by her love for Thomas and her need for reality and human contact, Miranda takes a chance with Sean. Someone who’s alive. The guilt is eating away at her. Sean’s nice and he hasn’t run off yet, pushed away by her craziness. Miranda knows she can’t split her herself.

Choosing her heart’s desire doesn’t seem possible, but living and loving another seems like a life riddled with pain.

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