Howling for Her Book 3 Sneak Peek

Chapter 1 – Fiona

As far as mistakes go, I think I just made a big one. Like the mother of all mistakes. Like the mistake heard around the world. Except that it was quiet and although I think the world should be ending, it wasn’t. Everything was just quiet.
There was more concern in that last thought. Quiet. Why was it so quiet?
“We need to go,” said the shifter to my right. 
I pulled myself out of the black hole of my mind. “What? No.”
I watched as his arm muscles tightened. He was handsome and all male, but the scent of him wasn’t like my mates. No heart stirring at the idea of being near him. Well, that was good. A small part of me worried I was broken, and that I was ready to mate anything that walked and had a dick. But no. Judging by my current state, that wasn’t the case. 
I’d still really messed up. How could I face my mates? How had it felt so right? My entire soul knew Nick and wanted him. How could he betray me? I thought it was physically impossible.
“We need to go.”
I snapped my eyes up to his and snarled. “We can’t go. I need to kill this asshole. Or at least-“ I trailed off. 
What exactly was the plan? Mess up his hair with my little wind trick?
Shit on a shingle. 
“Anyone have a plan?” I asked.
They looked at each other and shook their heads. 
“There’re hundreds of rogues out there waiting to pledge allegiance to the next strongest wolf. And right now, that might not be you,” answered one of my turn coat captors.
I nodded. “Yeah. No, you have a point. I mean I cold try.”
One of them nodded. Another shook his head. 
“You could try, but I think we need a plan. And backup.”
Slowly, I realized what he was saying. The reality hitting hard. 
“Okay. Question though. Where would we go?” I looked to the three guys around me and waited. 
“My lady, we will go wherever you go.”
I would have squirmed under the scrutiny, but they weren’t judging me. They were waiting for me. For crap sake. I didn’t need more men that followed me everywhere. 
I growled. “What? No. That’s not at all what I asked.”
The bigger of the three came forward. “What Reed means, is that we will be by your side no matter what. Shouldn’t we just go back to your pack?”
I glared at them. “Reed? Is that his name? And you are?”
He stood down, his massive size shrinking a bit as he stepped back. “Brent. And this is Ryan. Do you not recognize us?”
I shook my head. No. Why the… “Oh. Are you the guys from the bar?”
Brent nodded. “Well, yes. But that’s not…”
Howls rang out throughout the area, away from the house. 
“That’s our cue. Fiona of the Crystal Creek, I mean the Silver Lake Triad, follow us, now.”
“The what?” I didn’t wait for an answer as a door flung open somewhere in the house and snarls broke the once annoying silence. 
“But, I was going to kill him.”
I said, tripping over the leg of a chair. The sound of more snarling grew way to close for comfort. Yeah, I needed a better plan.
The three men shifted into wolves. They had promised to go with me, but where I was going to go wasn’t clear. I shifted and prayed. My wolf seemed to trust them, although I couldn’t say why. Something niggled in my mind, but it wasn’t clear yet. 
I pushed my legs to cooperate. They clawed at the wood floors as I struggled to get traction. Shit. I didn’t think this through. I’d been too upset. Not mad. I don’t even know. I was mad at so many things. Myself for one. Had Nick just been a crush I’d never been able to act on? How could I have put my mates in danger?
We rounded a corner and my paws slid out from under me, as did the other wolves trying to skirt the wall. Finally, our claws dug in and we pushed out a back door. I didn’t care much about the house we were in. I ran harder as nature called to me was the sweet scent of the grass. Its crisp reminder of freedom filled my lungs. 
Whines and snarls created the eerie soundtrack behind us as we charged out into a field a few inches from the forest. 
Something or rather someone nipped at my heals and I squealed. A second nature I’d Never felt before kicked in at the same time and I called the wind, channeling my need for Aiden to protect me. A cry of pain and shock kept me from looking back. All I knew is that I really wasn’t crazy. This was all real and all really me.
I imagined the anger of Drake, even if I feared it would be at me this time, and felt the static in the air. Energy surrounded me and I stopped. I shifted to my human form and took in the droves of wolves behind me. 
It was a sea of bodies rolling in like a tidal storm coming for the shore with vengeance.
I wanted my mates here, but instead I called to the magic that reminded me of them. I moved my hands in a swirling motion, calling and directing electrical charges. A second passed before I felt them grow and I set them free onto the dry grasses. Flames erupted and encircled the wolves. They reared back, and I didn’t wait. I needed to add distance, and I shifted and followed the scent of my new rescuers. My wolf charged forward even though I wanted to turn away as the scent of something strange and familiar and a different kind of safe pulled us into its power. 
The three wolves were paused, and I assumed they waited for me. No. They weren’t waiting on purpose. What was going on?
There’s some kind of wall here. I can’t get out. 
I shook my head. Why were they in my head? No. No one was supposed to be in my head. I blocked out my mates, and honestly, I didn’t actually know how to unblock them right now. But, this. This was different. It wasn’t my mate connection that fueled this mind link.
Why are you in my head, I asked? 
The three sets of wolf eyes took me in. 
You’re our alpha. 
What the?
“No, that’s not possible.”
The howls behind us pushed me forward. Now wasn’t the time to doubt. I’d question reality later and lunged towards the barrier and shifted back to wolf form. 
My wolf reared back as a wave of magical static hit me. I suddenly understood what they’d been afraid to traverse through. Maybe I should have taken a second to pause and think, but why would I start now? I pushed forward against my wolfs wants.
The magic tingled, but it gave way, and my wolf stopped as we realized what we were feeling. It was Nick’s magic, and my heart skipped a beat. The damn thing was a traitor, just like the new mate I’d accepted. Fuck that.
The howls sounded again and again and I pushed against the murky feel of the magic, harder and harder. I needed to get away. We needed to get away. The three wolves that helped me were so close behind I could feel them against my fur. Or wait, no, they were grabbing my tail, but not biting it.
As my snout pushed into the fresh air, and I breathed in the forest hungrily. The magic seemed to be confused, and I shifted as my second foot crunched against dry pine needles. The feel of the fresh air was nothing with the sounds and snarls scarily stuck behind a thin wall of magic.
We needed to keep going. Even if I wanted to go back and ask questions. Wanted to go back and fight everyone. Go back and punch Nick in the face.
There was no time for my pity party, though.
The howls were everywhere, and I spun in a circle. My senses couldn’t make heads or tails of anything. I did, however, notice my three accomplices moving like they were stuck in jello. 
I reached back into the sludgy spell and I gripped the leg of the one guy and pulled. 
He came through the magic quickly, and I nearly fell on my bare ass. Embarrassment hadn’t caught up yet, though, thank goodness. I was too busy pulling out wolves from an invisible barrier to worry that my girly bits were on display for anyone wanting and not wanting to see. 
The second, the third wolf shifted. They were running, and I was on their heels.
I or we were getting out of here. I supposed the response was we, since I didn’t know where to go or what to do. I tried to shift, but noting happened Oh, no. Did something else break. We kept running, but I could see the panic in their eyes as they glanced over their shoulders.
The magic. Nick’s wall. Clever if it wasn’t ruining my life.
A snarl to my right caught my attention. Fear drove me faster and harder. A strange fire burst inside me, around me, and as I extend my hands the world disappeared in a blaze.
What the hell was I?

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